Super Mario Bross cubee Papercraft + other characters 🕹️

Super Mario Bros was released in 1985, and since then Nintendo’s mascot. The characters of this saga were masters of our childhood. For that reason in this post we bring you some Mario Bros characters in Papercraft, you just have to print the templates and start working.

We advise you to use a thicker paper and you will obtain better results.

If you finish all the figures we are sure that you will be able to create a cool diorama.

Mario Cubee Papercraft Template

Mario is the main character of the saga, for obvious reasons he could not miss this post. Don’t forget to use your printer correctly, you need your templates to be in bright colors.

Luigi Cubee Papercraft Template

Luigi is the brother of our hero, and second in importance in the game. That typical green color is unmistakable.

Mushroom Cubee Papercraft Template

If you played the game, we are sure you know what this red mushroom is for, one of the most useful items in the game.

Mushroom 1up Cubee Papercraft Template

The green mushroom or 1up mushroom grants you a life, it was very gratifying to find one of them in the game.

Goomba Cubee Papercraft Template

The goomba are Mario’s first enemies, he is the first villain we meet in the game. Seeing them no longer produces any fear, only nostalgia.

Coin Box Cubee Papercraft Template

The coin boxes are activated by jumping under them, it is the perfect complement to your diorama

Shy Guy Cubee Papercraft Template

The Shy Guys are one of Mario’s enemies, who appeared from the American version of Super Mario 2. They are one of the enemies most loved by fans.

Other Papercraft video game characters

Dog Duck Hunt Cubee Papercraft Template

Duck Hunt is the classic shooting game, with this template you’ll be able to create the mocking dog that laughed at you when you missed shots.

Megaman Cubee Papercraft Template

Megaman or as it is known in Japan Rockman that was launched in 1987, definitely this type of model is ideal for any type of robot and that includes Megaman.

Kirby Cubee Papercraft Template

Kirby was born in 1992, because of its shape the papercraft model is in one piece … square, you can see it below.

Master Chief Cubee Papercraft Template

Halo is one of the video game franchises owned by Microsoft and one of the most loved by fans, for that reason here we bring you to master chief in this papercraft template

Ness Cubee Papercraft Template

Ness is a character in the video game EarthBound, he was also present in the Super Smash Bros saga

Bionic Commando Cubee Papercraft Template

Bionic Commando is a video game released for arcade in 1988, here you have a papercraft template in cubee format

Captain Falcon Cubee Papercraft Template

Remember F-zero, well here we have its main character Captain Falcon in this papercraft template.

Bomberman Cubee Papercraft Template

Bomberman is a franchise created in 1983, this template will bring you good memories, we are sure.

Blanca Street Fighter Cubee Papercraft Template

Blanca is one of the characters in Street Fighter, the famous fighting game. This template shows you how to make a fairly simple papercraft figure, we hope that in the future we will have the rest of the characters.

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