Papercraft Model Gundam MSZ-006 GRAY Wolf

If you were looking for a Gundam papercraft figure we have you covered, in this post you will find a PDF template of the Gudman MSZ 006 Gray Wolf. We also include assembly instructions. This Model is incredibly difficult to do so be very patient.
This is the first in a series of Posts focused on this wonderful series, so wait for the next posts.

At the end you will need paint, I recommend acrylic paint for the best finish you will have. Don’t look for one with glitter. Those that are matte color give you a finish similar to anime.

Gundam Papercraft model MSZ 006 Gray Wolf

Download Papercraft PDF Model Gundam MSZ 006 Gray Wolf

To download this papercraft model you just need to click here.

Remember it is a file on drive, without extra advertising or dangerous links

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