Papercraft Classic Video game Consoles 🕹️

In this post we bring you classic video game consoles papercraft templates (printables), download or save follow the instructions and you will have small decorative pieces for your room.

This post contains templates of the classic nes, Play Station, Game boy, Game Cube and others

Remember that they are small pieces, so don’t expect full-scale models. Use a thicker paper so that your models will be well done.

NES Papercraft Template

NES is a second home console. It was released by Nintendo in 1985. We are sure that this model will bring you a lot of nostalgia

NES Controller papercraft Template

Nes controller is one of the most remembered, and by today’s standards it could be quite uncomfortable. However, those square edges are ideal for our papercraft model.

Game Boy Papercraft Template

Game boy is a portable console launched in 1989. It marked the beginning of the popularity of portable consoles, fortunately it is a model that is enough square for our purpose.

Game Cube Papercraft Template

The famous GameCube is one of the Nintendo consoles launched in 2001. Another of the minimalist models that papercraft models made them easier.

Play Station Papercraft Template

Play Station is the first video game console launched by Sony in 1994, we are sure that like us this papercraft template will bring you good memories.

Sega DreamCast Papercraft Template

Sega Dreamcast was Play Station’s main competition, and it was released in 1998. Unfortunately for gamers it meant the end of Sega in the world of consoles. At least we have this papercraft model to comfort us.

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