Death Note Cubee Papercraft ✂️

In this post we introduce you Death Note characters in Papercraft, we bring you a series of three printable cubee templates from Ryuk, L and Light Yagami. Our three main protagonists of the anime.

Death note is the favorite anime series of many, or at least it was for a time. We were fascinated by its wonderful story and plot.

You do not need many explanations to assemble these cubee figures, make sure you have a suitable paper and a printer with ink so that it will look in the best possible way.

Ryuk Cubee Papercraft

Ryuk is the shinigami that accompanies the Death note of the anime, he is probably the best character that of the tv show.

L Cubee Papercraft

L is the most enigmatic of our characters, and rival of our protagonist. You will be quite satisfied with this model we are sure.

Light Yagami Cubee Papercraft

Light Yagami is our main character in the series, but probably the least loved. Don’t get us wrong we all love Light but the other characters stood out a bit more in the anime.

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