How to make an origami pherodactyl? – Dinosaurs

In this post you will find a guide on how to make an origami pherodactyl or Terodactyl, if that flying dinosaur that we are sure you will love.

We bring you one of the most recognized dinosaurs, probably the most recognized of the flying dinosaurs, we are talking about the pherodactyl. As we anticipate this origami dinosaur is the easiest to make, we are sure that you will be able to make many of these to be able to assemble a diorama or simply decorate your work table.

To start this craft you will only need a square sheet and a little patience and you will have it in a few minutes, just follow the instructions that we leave you below:

Tutorial origami Terodactyl

The video tutorial is in Spanish, but remember that not only mathematics is the universal language.
Just follow the steps and you will get the results in no time.

This video is from youtube user Origami Facil

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